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About Yebo! Gallery

Yebo Contemporary Art Gallery is located in the Kingdom of Swaziland, providing a much-needed platform for established and emerging artists and designers in the country to showcase and sell their work. Yebo aims to participate in a myriad of ways to facilitate the much-needed growth of the arts sector in Swaziland:

• From the top down – Running an independent contemporary art gallery, shop & workshop
• From the ground up – Mentoring & developing grassroots artists and art projects

To date, Yebo has curated 33 exhibitions locally and internationally, exhibiting work from over 70 different artists.View all the work at Yebo’s showroom/offices and workshop on Mpumalanga Road in Ezulwini has a range of work by their represented artists. Yebo’s shop and gallery at Swazi Candles Centre has a larger selection of work, from prints and photos to large sculptures and paintings.

The gallery is based on an ethos of transparency, thus all the artists are involved as much as possible so as to better equip them with an understanding of how galleries operate, how to price their work, how to market themselves, etc. It is also an important focal point for up and coming artists to be exposed to various art forms, and to get feedback on their work or ideas.

*Exhibited work is also bought and shipped overseas, thanks to Yebo’s partnership with FedEx Swaziland*

Open Mon – Friday 9 – 5.

We are involved in numerous exhibitions and projects in Swaziland (and beyond!)Click here to see our latest exhibitions.Click here to catch up on our latest news.
Our new Yebo Shop at Swazi Candles Centre has an exciting range of exclusive items and gifts that are all handmade in Swaziland. We also hand print and sell a unique range of locally designed t-shirts, cloth and other items!
The artists that Yebo represents each have their own biography page, where further information on them and their work may be found. Though we work with a diverse selection of artists and designers, these particular artists are signed up to be represented by Yebo Gallery. These artists participate in exhibitions, workshops, and outreach work that Yebo organizes.
All exhibited work and artist information is available for viewing online! This is done to catalogue the growth and achievements of the artists, as well as Yebo itself, and the development of the contemporary fine arts scene in Swaziland.
Yebo’s workshop and team of experienced artists are available for in-house skills training and workshops in design, screen-printing, pottery, painting etc. Get in touch with Yebo for a personalised tailor made course.


Conceived in 2010, Yebo first opened its doors in February 2011 in the centre of Ezulwini, Swaziland. In early 2016 Yebo moved to its current premises on Mpumalanga Road where they have their offices, workshop and showroom. A shop and gallery was built at Swazi Candles Centre in 2015.
Yebo was created to fill a much-needed gap in the visual arts scene of the country, and was founded by Peter, Aleta & Dane Armstrong, who have lived in Swaziland all their lives. Together with the various artists and individuals that they have worked with, they pooled their collective resources, experience and knowledge to create Yebo! Art & Design Swaziland.
Yebo has had 33 exhibitions (and counting), worked with over 70 artists, held numerous classes and workshops, shipped art and products all around the world, published Swaziland’s first visual arts book, partnered with various local and international individuals and organisations, registered a separate creative non-profit, and much more. Yebo continues to develop and grow!

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