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Rovos Rail Station

RVR StationRVR-RovosStation1Capital Park Station LoungeRVR-StationCouplePorter-HResImage by Greg BeadleLP-CPARK19-PrideOfAfrica-HRes


For Rovos Rail passengers, a highlight of their journey is a visit to the private station at Capital Park, Pretoria. The once-bustling hub of steam locomotion is now the headquarters for Rovos Rail. The gracious railway station serves as the departure or arrival point for most of the train journeys.

The property boasts an ever-expanding railway museum – showing a historical collection of train paraphernalia – in addition to its other comprehensive facilities and will, with the addition of semaphore signals and a footbridge, recreate the atmosphere of a fully-fledged railway system. It is intended that, with time, this facility should become the foremost working train museum in the world.

The eyes of rail enthusiasts will be drawn to the vast carriage and locomotive sheds where teams of dedicated personnel keep the rolling stock in perfect order. This roofed workshop of 10 000m2 straddles 15 railway lines with concrete inspection pits below, and is the ultimate repair and maintenance facility for any train operation. The low, red-bricked buildings alongside the new 300m platform house laundries, gleaming stainless-steel kitchens and well-stocked storerooms. This is the busy hub of a provisioning operation that is world-class in terms of efficiency and attention to detail.

See virtual tours below (Adobe Flash is required).

STATION TOUR & MUSEUM: Should you wish to visit our museum or do a site tour, which will show you the nuts and bolts of the company, we suggest arriving two hours prior to departure. If Pretoria is your arrival point, we suggest delaying your pick-up so you can enjoy the tour.


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