About ArtReach

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ArtReach is a non-profit organisation working towards the development of the arts in Swaziland, and the lack of overall arts education and creative opportunities. By providing a platform for expression and learning through creativity and the arts, ArtReach aims to particularly address the personal and social issues faced by youth and other marginalized groups in Swaziland.

Vision         A vibrant, creative and artistic Swaziland where the arts are both promoted as a necessary and relevant industry, and practiced as a unique tool for personal and social development

Mission      To promote the arts, innovative skills-training and creative freedom of expression in Swaziland through various grassroots initiatives and development work


Founded in early 2012 through Yebo Art Gallery, ArtReach has been involved with numerous small to medium sized projects to date.

In addition to specific projects, ArtReach continues to work with businesses, schools, and individuals in Swaziland offering services in skills-training, innovative team-building, outreach work, creative consultancy, public art initiatives and commissioned projects.

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